Brake Repair

brake repair

A vehicle’s braking system is one of the most important in terms of safety and control. After all, anytime that you are behind the wheel you expect your brakes to bring you safely to a stop when you put your foot on that pedal. At Summers Automotive Service we appreciate the importance of a solid working braking system and are here to help ensure that yours continues to keep you and your loved ones safe. In fact, when it comes to brake repair Kirkland, WA, residents know they can put their faith in the quality they will find at Summers Automotive Service.

Brake Service Kirkland WA

Just like any major system in your vehicle, your beaking system needs to be maintained and serviced periodically. At Summers Automotive Service we provide comprehensive brake service that includes your brake pads, rotors, fluids, brake lines, and more. Brake service also allows your expert tech to perform a thorough inspection of your braking system to check for any issues, no matter how minor, that could compromise your ability to come to a safe stop.

Brake Pad Replacement Kirkland WA

Brake pads are an integral part of your braking system but they need to be replaced from time to time. The lifespan of brake pads varies depending on the driver’s braking habits as well as the makeup of the brake pads themselves. During your next auto service or brake inspection, one of our expert technicians will examine your pads to let you know how many more miles you have left on them. And when it comes time to replace our brake pads, you know you can put your faith in the quality of work that you will receive at Summers Automotive Service.

Brake Repair Kirkland WA

Brake trouble is something that we believe you should never ignore. But that also means knowing the signs that something is wrong.

Some of the most common signs that you are in need of brake repair include:

  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Brake light is illuminated
  • Soft or spongy brake pedal
  • Less responsive brakes
  • Pulling to the left or right when coming to a stop
  • Grinding, squeaking, or squealing brakes
  • A burning smell coming from your brakes

If you notice any difference in the behavior of your brakes it is a cause for concern and you should have it addressed by an expert like Summers Automotive Service immediately.

Brake Repair Near Me

Whether it is time to have your pads replaced, your braking system serviced, or your brakes are giving you trouble, Summers Automotive Service is your source for brake repair in Kirkland, WA. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

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