Any time that your vehicle is having an issue, it can be a cause for stress. From wondering how much you are about to spend to worrying about how long the repair will take and you will be without a vehicle, it can be a lot. That’s why it is important to find an auto repair shop that can accurately diagnose the issue before ever picking up a wrench. And when it comes to vehicle diagnostics in Kirkland, WA, that auto repair shop is Summers Automotive Service.

Check Engine Light Kirkland WA

Check engine lights are a big innovation in the auto repair industry. These lights are connected to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics which periodically scans your vehicle’s major systems and components looking for irregularities or signs of trouble. Anytime an issue is found the check engine light is illuminated to alert the driver that it is time for a trip to the mechanic.

Vehicle Diagnostics Kirkland WA

While check engine lights are a great tool for drivers, a check engine light scan isn’t the only thing needed to properly diagnose an automotive issue. When you come to Summers Automotive Service our technicians will perform a check engine light scan and then use those results as a roadmap to show them what system or component is being affected.

Using that information, our team is then able to perform a thorough inspection to find the source of the problem sooner so you waste less time sitting in an auto repair waiting room. Accurate diagnostics not only save you time by giving our technicians all the information they need to get started and properly get the job done. They also save you money on labor costs because your team of technicians can spend less time troubleshooting and more time repairing.

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

If your check engine light is on or your car is behaving a little funny, it is time for a trip to Summers Automotive Service in Kirkland, WA, for vehicle diagnostics. Call us to schedule an appointment or come by and see us today.

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