transmissionsFew would debate that your car’s transmission is its most complicated component. With over 800 individual pieces inside, the transmission is the part of your car that governs changing gears as you increase and decrease your speed. Manual or automatic transmission, if it isn’t working exactly as intended, you probably aren’t going to be able to get where you are going. So whether you are looking for routine transmission service or transmission repair in Kirkland, WA, bring your vehicle to the transmission experts at Summers Automotive Service.

Transmission Service Kirkland WA

A transmission service in Kirkland, WA, can mean a lot of different things. As part of your standard 30/60/90k milestone services, we will do a spot-check of your transmission and make sure all the pieces are working together and damage-free. The good news is that transmissions these days are built to last, and a good number of vehicles will never need transmission service. On that note, if you’d like to make sure your transmission lasts even longer than it would normally, you might want to consider a transmission flush. This is the process of draining and replacing the transmission fluid that keeps things lubricated. So if your transmission needs a check-up or you want the peace of mind that comes with a transmission flush, call the experts at Summers Automotive Service today.

Transmission Repair Kirkland WA

If your transmission is in trouble, two things are probably true: Your car is difficult to drive and it is only going to get worse without remedy. Luckily, transmission problems tend to pop in older model vehicles almost exclusively. But at the first sign of a transmission problem, bring your car for transmission repair in Kirkland, WA, from the experts at Summers Automotive Service. A small transmission problem can become a huge one seemingly overnight, and transmission repair can be famously expensive if not caught early enough. If you suspect your transmission has a problem, bring it in for transmission repair in Kirkland, WA, from the team at Summers Automotive Service.

Transmission Repair Near Me

Putting off transmission repair in Kirkland, WA, can be a costly mistake. Don’t make that mistake; get your vehicle in front of the transmission pros at Summers Automotive Service. Our team can service or repair any transmission, manual or automatic, and get it humming like the first day you turned the key. If you suspect you have a problem, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the team of experts at Summers Automotive Service.

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